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Тусгай зэрэглэлийн өрөөГадны зочид төлөөлөгчид, дотоодын томоохон аялал жуулчлалын үйлчилгээ эрхлэгч агентуудад тохиромжтой

  • Secured wifi
  • Оройн зоог
  • Өрөөний үйлчилгээ
  • 24 цагийн харуул хамгаалалт
  • Хотын аяллал
  • Фитнесс
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Our services

Restaurant & Lounge

Naranbulag Restaurant is capable to serve up to 120-140 people at once and serves Asian, European and Mongolian delicious dishes cook by master chef

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Fitness club

The Naranbulag Hotel has itsown fitness center with a complete range of cardiova scular fitness equipment and weights

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Spa & Beauty salon

Our professional beauticians serve medical and beauty services and massage face, whole and half body massages

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NB tour operator

We are NB tour Mongolian tour operating company. We’d like to express our best services to travelers around the world to see beautiful nature of Mongolia, history and its culture of nomadic..

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Naranbulag hotel

NB tour - tour agent

NB Hotel

12th floor: NB Lounge

10-11th floor: Elite floor

6-9th floor: Hotel rooms

5th floor: Offce, meeting room

4th floor: Fitness

3rd floor: Spa and salon

2nd floor: Restaurant

1st floor: Business center,
Gobi cashmere

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Car park /CCTV 24hour/
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